1. Is the water warm? - yeah.  33-34 degrees (in a normal pool 25)
2. Can 10 images per hour change ? - No. On average, you can catch 2 images per hour .
3. Is there chlorine in the water? - Yes, as in any public swimming pool, only smaller and better.
4. How many people can the pool hold? "As much as you like."..Depends on the concept of shooting, the more, the more difficult to synchronize and more expensive to rent).
5. And the graphics you have or carry your own? - We don't need the graphics , the image is captured through Windows )
6. But if I have a 50mm (all my life I shoot on 35mm, 70mm+,100mm+ and standards) - You can shoot at telephoto , Your life )) We just recommend and suggest techniques which will be achieved the best result based on our experience and design features of the Studio.
7. Can I paint the water? - possible. The cost of changing the water in the pool 50t. R.
8. Is it possible not to make an advance payment? We definitely will!! - No.  Studio rules do not allow early booking without prepayment.
9. And 5000r what is included ? - 5000r is the cost of renting a Studio . Studio rental includes: Studio space rental, equipment (included in the selected rate), administrator work, bonuses (tea,coffee ,cookies) and all the amenities of the Studio . Photographer , make-up artist , assistant , magician, transfer and magic unicorn are not included in the rental price ).
10. Not scared if we wait for 10 min? - not scary, but expensive)))) extension of 30 minutes.
11. Is it possible to reschedule the shooting (or the time for the shooting) ? - Yes, the Studio allows the transfer of time to the Studio .,if it is reported more than 48 hours and not more than 1st time. (in other cases and controversial moments, read the rules of the Studio.)
12. I booked a part in a WORKe (MK , Photodna or other event organized by the Studio.) and then suddenly my cat began to give birth, can I come next time? can I return the Deposit?)- no , the prepayment is not made to confirm your solvency, and for booking a place to participate and is not refundable. (as in the cinema !!! You bought ticket !!, and the session will begin regardless of your presence)
13. Does the water change after each model ? I'm not going after it is not clear who !! - will reply to You dear the stars ))) For You all are equal , all are loved and all who understand !!!))) In the "discussion" is a detailed description of what the water in our pool ))
14. Training ? We don't need preparation!!! Can be without it but cheaper? "No, you can't. You can't come and dive into the water! There are necessary manipulations and features in the operation of the Studio. Here more
15.Entrance to the Studio is possible only in a change of shoes!!! (Slippers are offered at the entrance . The use of Shoe covers is prohibited(you can slip and get injured), as well as the use of textile Slippers is not allowed!!) 
16. But the truth is that you are all banned and nothing?  No! This is not true, but the peculiarity of the Studio obliges us to unconditionally monitor compliance with internal security rules. 
17.Is it okay if we come early? - Not terrible, but will have to wait on the street as access to the Studio are possible with an agreed time in advance of training