Dear organizers , photographers , mediators, etc. our favorite inventors. Read carefully the rules of the Studio and the terms of tariffs! In our Studio are not allowed "photo projects" involving more than 2 people per hour. It is impossible to give the client good shots for 15 minutes ! (we in no way doubt Your abilities and will not discuss this topic)*. We apologize for this rule, But you will be denied the lease. When conducting an adult photo day, we ask you to provide a coordinator on the set,not involved in the shooting process, to provide information support to your customers and coordinate actions. (failing that you pay the administrator at the rate of 1,000 rubles per hour).  When conducting a photo day for children, you need to have assistants for shooting. Organization photodna for children be SURE to consultation and agreement with the administration of the Studio!!! As well as understanding the rules of shooting with children In the event of use by the organizers of other people's photos for advertising purposes (without permission or without a link/reference to the photographer/makeup artist ) and also by direct treatment of owner complaints , the Studio also have the right to refuse to rent.

*PS the Reputation of the Studio for us in the first place .

*P. S. S. This rule does not apply to group,corporate and PR photo shoots where you need a lot of people in the frame )