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NEMO photo Studio-is the only Studio in St. Petersburg for underwater filming and meets all the necessary standards for the state of the water and the requirements to ensure Your safety.

While in the Studio, you should remember that the Studio is a high-risk area, as the Studio uses high-power electrical appliances and expensive equipment. But if you follow all the rules, the forwarding time will be absolutely safe and even comfortable, we will do everything possible for your convenience and peace of mind!

In our Studio constantly, there is a person having the certificate of the rescuer and first aid on water.

After reviewing the rules of the Studio You will be asked to sign a contract for the provision of services.

We will tell You about the device Studio, conduct a safety briefing and tell you what not to do that would not hurt yourself. Remember that our pool is not a swimming pool, it is a water location for filming!

Remember that the water is strictly prohibited the use of bulk, oil (including application to the body) and coloring materials, as well as any other that can affect the quality of water. All the props That you are going to use on the shoot, you need to agree with the administrator. It is not allowed to immerse in water glass objects-glasses, mirrors, etc.

Before shooting a mandatory rule is to take a shower, you should wash your hair from styling products. The shower is taken in the underwear you have chosen for the shoot.

If You do not bring a towel or Bathrobe, the Studio is ready to provide them to you for rent.

Clothing that has not been prepared in advance is not allowed for shooting. Before using clothes in the pool, it must be washed in a washing machine with a small amount of washing powder and without air conditioning. After that, rinse without adding any funds. Clothing before diving into the pool is necessarily checked for color stability.

Dresses that you rent in the Studio wardrobe do not require preparation.

If you wear contact lenses, we hope that you have taken care in advance of the container and solution for them, because they need to be removed.

For any service, advice, as well as for help or coffee, you can contact the administrator.

The Studio is prohibited from Smoking in the wrong place, improper behavior, drinking alcohol, being in a state of alcoholic and/or narcotic intoxication, as well as filming, including scenes of violence and/or pornography.

Booking is an automatic agreement with the rules of the Studio. (Booking is responsible for reporting the rules to all participants in the shooting and bears full financial responsibility for the actions of all participants in the shooting or damage to the property of the Studio). Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

Thank you for understanding and choosing us!

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