Our Studio has all the necessary devices for comfortable shooting : 

6pcs powerful pulse monoblocks,

Constant light LED 4 PCs ,

The pantograph (overhead light) ,

Crane-beam for installation of scenery, 

Underwater wireless sound ,

Installation for free breathing under water ,

Undercurrent (counter-flow),

Large Windows (1x1m) ,

Separate spacious dressing room for 2 seats ,

Lounge ,

Shower and preparation rooms,

Fitting room separate ,

Secure parking ,

Convenient access of cargo transport for unloading ,

Professional sound in space ,

100kW free capacity with any connection,

Installations for surface surveys ,

2-meter waterfall ,

Projector (to project under water) and 2-meter screen for MK,

Automatic climate control in the Studio ,

Free approach to the shooting Windows with ventilation!!

3 independent water treatment plants with automatic chemical control.parameters'

Complete safe space.connection with IP68 protection

The pool is a uniform gray(neutral) color. 

FILLING depth!!!!!  160-165cm Board height 172cm 

Rental of equipment , costumes, etc.,

3 recreation areas ,

office for negotiations ,

Coffee, Wi-FI and more. else , 

© 2019 studio nemo


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