master class

master class

NEMO team conducts regular training Workshops with the participation of famous photographers and models. In addition to training, we are engaged in the embodiment of original, creative ideas, and this is a unique opportunity to get exclusive shots in your portfolio. At MK you will be able to learn from the experience of competent speakers, skilled retouchers and experienced photographers. After that, to work out the acquired knowledge under the guidance of real experts in their field and become a real guru of underwater photography. 
MK NEMO takes place in mini-groups, for the best assimilation and development of knowledge. Each participant will be able to get an answer to his questions about the shooting and find out the missing information about this type of shooting, retouching or working with models. 
MK pass on a regular basis. The cost of participation varies depending on the topic of the class, speakers, photographers and models participating in the MC.

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